Jackson's 2nd 2nd Christmas

Jackson had a great time opening up his gifts as well as others.  Here are some more pictures of the gift extravaganza :)  I'd post more but I'm having a fight with Blogger!! It won't let me post pictures oriented the other way...it makes them sideways...hopefully I'll figure it out so I can post some more.

Jackson's 1st 2nd Christmas

We had our first Christmas of 2010 with Uncle Brian & Stacey while they were in town visiting Grammie & Grampie.  Here are some fun pics of the fun times with them!


Jackson Plane Ride

Here is what I made Jackson to wear for his 2nd plane ride on Thursday. Thought he needed a special outfit ;)

What I used: new $3 LS t-shirt, old green t-shirt scrap, handmade stencil of plane painted silver and yellow stitching!


Hat # 2

Its getting a lot colder here in Houston these days and Jackson just looks TOO cute in hats for me to resist.  Found another $1 from Target.  Took an old stained white cable knit sweater of mine and another piece from a fleece that no longer fits and then added an appliqu├ęd "1" to the hat.  Another custom hat for my little man.  Next on my list...a little mini grilling apron for J when he is outside helping Daddy with the grillin.

Here are a few projects I've also done for customers & friends:

A Christmas Tutu

A Custom Made2Match Headband and Coordinating Satin Lil' Man Tie



Rob and I have discovered one of the most amazing joys in life..HUGS from your child.  Jackson is really getting into giving hugs lately and it melts our hearts (Rob in particular).  He also gives his version of kisses, but beware its a little slobbery!

He is also starting to cuddle a little bit which is NOT like Jackson.  He is a sweet, sweet child but never wanted to really cuddle.  Now I can sneak in a few minutes of cuddling before his nap which I've NEVER been able to do.  He has always done best with just putting him straight down to bed and walking away but the cuddles are a welcome treat for us!

Jackson is teething again with his first set of molars and the poor kid is a faucet! He is drooling constantly and starting to put everything in his mouth again. The poor kid has 6 teeth on top and only 2 on the bottom.  I would think that would make it a little difficult for chewing, but we all know that's not the case! He doesn't miss many meals!

Another thing he LOVES: Being carried on Daddy's shoulders.  Whenever in doubt and meltdown is about to come on...this works EVERY time!!!


video post

I've been taking more video and then not sharing..bad bad Ellie!  Here are some videos of Jackson over the past month.  

Jackson is learning how to "roar" like a Lion and he also now "woof woofs" like a dog on command.  Too funny!!

Here is it at The Little Gym enjoying some bubble time.

Jackson is ready for Christmas.  I've been playing Christmas music around the house a bit and he is working on his dance skills.  He also tries to say "dance" towards the end of the video if you listen closely.  He is trying to say so many words now!