The Many Faces of Jackson

Jackson is getting more and more animated these days. He is enjoying hanging out in his Boppy and making new facial expressions all the time. Thought I'd try to catch some of them in this series. He's getting more fun everyday and we can't wait until he can smile (and not just a random reflex) and recognize Mom & Dad.

Yesterday we had our first trip out of the house just Jackson and myself. We went to Super Target for some groceries and he slept through the whole thing! Just what I wanted. I sped through my list and bought everything in a flash trying to beat the clock and not have him wake up screaming in the middle of my favorite store. We were also lucky that no one attempted to come up and touch him!! I've already been rehearsing how to politely ask them to leave my child the heck alone.


Had some great snuggle time with Jackson!! He loves, loves, loves to be held on your chest/stomach lately. He was more independent last week and was okay being put down. This week he is much more interested in being held and cuddled. I think I can handle that job right now---love it!! Well love it until I realize there are things I need to get done and can't do when I'm holding him. However, those other things will have to wait.
Jackson did something very cute today. When he let me put him in the swing today he was in and out of sleep and at one point I looked at him and he was grinning from ear to ear and his dimples were VERY apparent. I know he was probably smiling cause he had passed gas or something like that, but it was very cute and I couldn't get to my camera in time.
Another bath for Jackson tonight--hoping he doesn't throw a fit and we can get through it one big happy family :)


Sunday Football

Rob and Jackson were upstairs watching football...well not really watching so much. How sweet!!! Jackson was very, very comfortable. He loves laying on his Daddy (aka Heater).
We had our newborn session today which was quite fun. By fun I mean, naked baby without a diaper....you can IMAGINE what that was like. Had a couple episodes that interrupted the session and he wasn't sleeping heavily enough during the session to get through everything smoothly. I wish he would've lasted just a bit longer at the end to get some more mommy and Jackson shots but Rob will just have to do those for us. As of right now I have about 250 pics of Jackson and only ONE is of me and him. I'm realizing that I'm always the one taking the pictures.
Can't wait to see the newborn session pictures and I'll be sure to share. Back to hanging out with my boys on a Sunday at home.



Went for another nice walk around the block today with Rob & Jackson. For the first 3/4 of the walk Jackson was screaming and was NOT happy to be strapped in and taken outside. Usually he loves it and falls asleep but not this time. This picture is after the walk and after he decided to finally sleep the last 1/4 of the walk.

So we get home and the LAST thing I want to do is take him out of his car seat and interrupt his beauty sleep. He needs to rest up and be a good boy for his newborn photo shoot tomorrow morning. Very much looking forward to seeing how that goes and to see Jackson in his cowboy boots. I bought them 2 months ago and have been looking at them every time I go into his room. Tomorrow we'll have a naked little cowboy with his boots on. Jackson is going to kill me when he gets older!!!! Can't wait to show the pic to all of his little girlfriends.

Daddy decided to put his shades on Jackson. Very chill baby!!

My New Best Friends

Ok, so becoming a Mommy comes with a lot of changes and transitions. I have some new best friends these days. That being a breastpump and a bottle warmer!!! They are always there for me in the middle of the night and don't talk back--what more could a girl ask for??

The bottle warmer is a life saver and a water saver. Now that we are pumping and bottle feeding breastmilk to Jackson there are a LOT of bottles to warm throughout the day and night. Running them under hot water was not cutting it and after a day of that we ran out and bought the bottle warmer.

Jackson is feeding great and every time I go to get him up from a nap he looks bigger and bigger. Time is flying by. I feel like before I know it he'll be asking for the keys to the car and to stay out past curfew!!! I know that in between now and then there are many wonderful moments ahead and hope I don't miss out on them when I'm tied to the pump!!!

The holy grail!! The bottle warmer- takes about 2 minutes!!

Jackson is hanging out on the Boppy with his hand rattles and enjoying some chill time. He sleeps most of the time but starting to stay awake a little more now and new facial expressions every day. He is quite the entertainer.


Go SEMINOLES! Jackson's very first FSU football game.
Daddy was very very excited about this event and couldn't wait to put Jackson in his onesie (a little too big) and pacifier.
This is a tradition in the making and I can't wait to see my boys having time together cheering on FSU. Next best thing is to take Jackson to Tallahassee for a game and teach him the Tomahawk Chop. He already has the "touchdown" move mastered (just ask Grampie).

We played UNC @ 7PM CST on ESPN and the final score was FSU 30 UNC 27. While we won, it wasn't a pretty game. Jackson did not seem to mind. Well, can't really say he watched the game as he was just too busy looking at the back of his eyelids. He caught a glimpse of the 3rd quarter in between feeding and diaper change. Maybe next time!

Mommy with Jackson sporting his FSU gear

Proud Daddy with the cutest little Nole you ever did see!

First Bath!

Jackson had his first bath and lets say he didn't exactly love it. However, he did enjoy the leg massage with lotion afterwards.

Grammie gave Jackson his first bath

He smelled so yummy afterwards and loved his hooded towel from Brian & Stacey
This is one content little baby. Could he be more adorable??

Jackson's Arrival

Jackson Wayne Davis joined our family on Tuesday, October 13th at 9:14am. He weighed 8 lbs 14 oz and measured 21.5" long. He is a very long and lean little man who has a great personality. He is a great sleeper, pretty easy going (given he has a clean diaper) and becoming a better eater now that we are bottle feeding the breastmilk.
We are adjusting to parenthood and figuring it out as we go. Luckily my parents were here for 9 days and very much showed us the ropes. It was great to have extra hands for holding Jackson and they even took care of some dirty diapers! Jackson had his first bath, first walk around the block in the stroller, and first time to Target. He did great!!
Time is already flying by so I am taking lots of pictures every day as I don't want to miss a thing. Everytime I go to get him up from a nap he looks bigger to me!!

My goal is to keep this pretty well updated from now on so people can see what me, Rob & Jackson are up to!

New Daddy Rob holding Jackson for the first time

New Mommy lovin' my new little man

Happy family! Our lives will never be the same!