Fun time with new buddy!

Jackson had a good time yesterday with one of his new friends.  Holden & Liz came over for just a bit in between naps to have a little playtime.  Jackson REALLY enjoyed watching Holden try out the exersaucer and jumper.  He also enjoyed being loved on by Liz.  He was QUITE the cuddler with her (sadly doesn't really do that with me..he sees me everyday!).  I'm a big fan of Mr. Holden and its so much fun seeing the cool new things he does.  Since they are 2.5 months apart I can see all the things to look forward to.

Then Mama had a nice night with the Hip Moms :)  Nice night of chatting and such.  It was a real nice break and treat after pareting alone all week.  I have met some really awesome ladies here and Houston is really starting to feel like "home".  I feel like we now have a good network of friends and wonderful people to help watch over Jackson as he grows.  Wish our real family was closer, but all my friends here are truly a 2nd family to us!

Holden enjoying Jackson's new toy

Jackson watching Liz

Having FUN with Liz

Holden LOVED the mat


Come see me this weekend!!

Almost ready for the Fall Creek Open House this weekend. Please come out if you get the chance and come see my goodies in person or spread the word! I have stuff for babies, toddlers/young girls and Mamas too!  It will be my first "public appearance" and I'm hoping SOMEONE is interesed :)

Here are some pics (below) of my stuff prepped and almost ready to be seen. I have a few more signs and such to make but quickly running out of time. Rob being out of town hasn't made it an easy week to get it all done...but..think I'm gonna get it done one way or another. May just not sleep Friday night :)

I'm going to be raffling away a Credit to use towards any of the Rose is a Rose Designs' products!!!

Info about the Open House:
Where: The Open House will take place just outside the Fall Creek neighborhood pool at 7930 Fall Creek Bend, Humble, TX 77396. With nearly 60 businesses participating, we’re looking forward to a great event.
When: Saturday, May 1st
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Its a Bird, Its a Plane, NO Its a BAT!

Yep, we had a bat hanging out in our outside umbrella.  So much for a calm evening of grilling out after putting Jackson to bed.  Here are a couple pics.  NOTE: I was INSIDE while Rob was outside dealing with it all.  CRAZY!  Oh and the water on the window...yeah Rob tried to spray it with water first.  Then came the broom.

up close and personal with the bat (through the glass)

See Rob...See Bat...See Broom


Jackson & His Puppy Dog

Jackson LOVES Holly...and I have a feeling he will crawl after her first! He scoots and tries so hard to get to her!  Holly entertains Jackson a lot while he is in his exersaucer or jumper.  Jackson will laugh so hard at Holly...just by her walking around or wagging her tail.  He gets the giggles and will laugh and laugh and laugh.


You're So Vain. You probably think this post is about you....

We got a mirror @ IKEA after seeing one at a playdate a couple weeks back. Its edges are foam so its nice and light weight and you be the judge whether Jackson likes it or not :) 

Love the morning playtime gaze :)

Who's that cute guy?

Oh wait, that's me!!
"Putting two heads together"

I will get to you little baby!!

Oh wait, now you're getting me!!

oh no!!

I'm alright Mom, I got this! 


Organization and Babbling

Thanks to a good friend (thanks Tyson) we found an organization system for Jackson's toys in our new "playroom".  I searched and searched and could not find one that I liked as much as much as I liked this system and worked the way I wanted.  I didn't think Jackson had that many toys but when I started to consolidate everything into one space it was amazing how much more he had than I ever thought!!! All those gifts I got at my shower and afterwards all added up and started to spill over into every room of the house.  It was bothering me that in every room we had a few random toys but had no designated play space for Jackson. 

We are preparing in advance for when Jackson starts to move around more and we want to confine him to a designated area...and I know as he starts to move around more he'll be getting many more gifts from moi!  So here are some pics of the room thus far.  We have to get 1 more tower of the bins and sell our end table/coffee table that we have (let me know if you're interested...will sell for cheap$$!)...oh and another loveseat we have in our office from Ikea (will need a slipcover- http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00157538 - because it used to have a red slipcover on it and it has a slight tint from that). Can we say "Spring Cleaning"?  I'll put the pics on the bottom of this post in case someone wants.

What else is new?
Jackson is babbling up a storm.  New sounds everyday and he says mamamama  ALOT now.  So cute and he said Dadada only one time clearly...so Rob has been trying to get that sound out of Jack again.  Each day he is making a couple new sounds and Rob and I are having a blast listening.  I often find myself laughing outloud at his little antics. Who needs cable when you have Jackson?!

loveseat for sale
end table for sale
Coffee table for Sale


Jackson is 6 Months Old

Needless to say we are going to have another photo session this weekend to capture a 6 month picture that will go with the others...but this was our 1st attempt...his 6 month portrait will just have to be taken a little late.  The one below will work..but Mommy Perfectionist wants to get a better one (need to see the smile!)

At 6 Months Old Jackson:

- You weigh 19 lbs, 12 oz (90th percentile), measure 28.5" (95th percentile)
- Like being on the move. You are scooting/rolling your way to things and lunging at ANYTHING in your eyesight
-Toss, turn and even crawl in your sleep (we spy on you!)
-Wearing 12 mo. clothes
- Sleeping from 6:30pm until about 7:30am (did we mention that you're perfect?!)
- Love your exersaucer and jumper (when you are most talkative), love your teething toys even more!
- Really understanding cause and effect with your musical/light up toys. Once you figure it out you're fascinated over and over and over again!  We love watching you learn!
- Love the laptop, cell phone and the remote controls...you are determined to get them
- Wearing Size 3 Diapers during day and Size 4 at night
- Love when we put you on our lap to stand
- LOVE the Shake Your Booty Dance
- Still VERY ticklish on your sides/ribcage
- Babbling now and trying to mimic some sounds
- Saying, "MMMMbbba"  "Mmammammamma" and very high and loud squeals
 -Still enjoying babyfood but messier now as you are trying to mimic the way we eat by chomping your lips together (but you still have no teeth)
- Still a great napper
- Likes sitting up and playing with toys for a while
- LOVE being outside
- Are learning how to let us know when you DO NOT want to do something.  Your little personality and little manipulations are emerging buddy!

 You're on your way buddy!

way more interested in the sign and giraffe than the camera

What Mommy?! I want to PLAY!

"Loving" on his giraffe

Playtime Pictures:


Family Park Time

Rob & I took Jackson to the park for the first time yesterday (out of the stroller).  He had never been in the swing before and it was a beautiful afternoon so we decided to give it a shot.  He didn't dislike it, but seemed a little bored.  OR maybe he was just relaxed, as being outside does that to him.  Either way, as you can see from the pics he was very comfortable :)