The Funny Things J Does

Jackson is the source of many laughs around here these days. Some new funny faces and noises we can't quite figure out.  Haven't caught the latest on camera yet but here are some good videos over the last month we've managed to take.

Not trying to brag, BUT Jackson has been saying "Mamamamamamamamama" all day today.  Granted he only says it when he is pretending to be cranky and wants attention...but I finally got Rob to admit he is saying Mama, even though to Jackson its just a noise...to me its the most amazing sound in the world! :)  Trying to get this on video for proof but he is freezing in front of the camera.. I WILL prove it to all you non-believers out there!!

Some Pictures First:
Jackson is REALLY loving Baby Einstein more and more and we were upstairs and I didn't have the discs. So, what did I do? Pulled up YouTube and found a video for him.  Pictures speak a thousand words.

Now for the Videos:
1. Jackson doing his Shake Shake Shake Dance

2. Jackson showing off his Sitting Skills

3.  Attack of the Killer Baby

4. This is maybe only something I think is so neat, but there is a moment every morning after his bottle that Jackson just holds his bottle, babbles/coos and is so relaxed..and I caught it on tape which made me very happy.

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