Time of Reflection

One positive thing about all my surgeries as it puts a lot into perspective and gives MUCH time for reflection.  I do not wish ill will on anyone but I do think that some people (including me) need something to slow them down and realize what they have, what they don't want, and what they are seeking in their life.  Deep I know...for my normally "light" blog.  I really hope all my friends have everything they want in life, can easily get rid of what they don't, and find what they are seeking.  I am blessed with a great family and some really good friends.  There are still some "things" to work through to figure out how and when to rid them/it from my life but we're working on it.  My new mantra however..."if it doesn't make me happy, make me healthy, or enrich my family"...why do I keep it in my life?!

Simmer on that for a bit...I think its a great way to think about people and things in your life. 

I'm feeling better, trying to stay positive, but have accepted the possible unfortunate outcome to all these surgeries I've been through over the last 20 months.  For those that do not know, if this surgery is not successful, it will still be the last.  There is nothing else that can be done. All options have been exhausted and frankly, I'm spiritually and physically wiped and done with the process.  Trying to stay positive that a miracle is in the works and it sticks, but if not...God will not give me anything I cannot handle!


Yep, you heard me right

Rob MADE BREAKFAST!!!  and from scratch to boot!

He has wanted to make these pancakes from the "Cook This Not That" book we have from the "Eat This Not That" series.  He got up, and made them ALL by himself.  He has never made pancakes in his life, not even the "instant" kind so this was a big deal!  They turned out great (I was nervous cause of the healthy substitution ingredients).

Here is the evidence:

Rob in action

Jackson reading his books, waiting patiently on Daddy

Rob and his end product!

Jackson eating said product :)

Jackson is 10 Months Old

It just doesn't seem possible that Jackson is already 10 months old! Time flies when you're having fun!

Our little man is not so little anymore.  He is such a big boy and amazes us everyday with all the new tricks and antics

At 10 Months, Jackson you:

-Weigh 23lbs, 6oz
-Wear 12month clothes & size 4 diapers
-LOVE to make a squinty, silly smiley face when you are happy...which is pretty much all the time
-Really enjoy eating food off of OUR plates.  You have really enjoyed Mommy's spaghetti, enchilada meat, Chicken in ANY form, loads and loads of strawberries and blueberries, bread, bananas...ok pretty much anything really.  you LOVE food :)
-Have started clapping a lot and you even heard clapping on the t.v. in the background and joined right in
-Shake your head No when Mommy says "no"
-Standing up by yourself a bit now...and even took 1.5 steps TODAY! Then you panicked and fell down. 
-Will climb the stairs...if I let you..which is not very often
-LOVE reading books.  You'll sit in your highchair after dinner and play/read with your book for 30 min+
-Taking 2 of your formula meals per day now from sippy cups instead of a bottle.  Drinking total of 24oz/day
-Napping twice per day still and taking LONG naps after swimming!!
-New Sounds are: gah gah, guh guh, nah nah, nine nine (that's what it sounds like), yah yah or yay yay
-Have 2 teeth, with #3 & #4 almost broken through!
-Have learned "Touchdown" just in time for Football Season! GO NOLES!!

You are the center of our world and we love you more and more every day.  You couldn't be more perfect or a more laid back happy baby.


Fishy, fishy

We are on Day 3 of swim lessons.  Jackson is not as "happy" as he was before at lessons but is still doing great and making a lot of improvements.  We are so proud of our little fish!  It is just so much fun to see how he learns and figures out what to do and not do :)

Here are some pics from today and tonight:

Mommy & her little swimmer!

Right before lessons

Jackson doing his roll

Finished the roll to his back!

Ready for bath
lovin' bathtime


Our Little Fish

Day 1 of swim lessons and water safety went well. Jackson did great! He is quite the little fish and I can't wait to see how days 2-5 go! Here are just a couple pics and I'm gonna take a video too.

Jackson napped from 1-4PM today...swimming wore him out!!!!!!

on his tummy

on his tummy, look at his lil' foot :)

rolling over from his tummy to back

floating on his back


Dada comes home!

I think Jackson is finally at the age that he realizes when Daddy is gone for a long time.  He has looked around a few times for Rob when he would normally be around, etc.  Lots of "Dada, Dada, Dada" this week and I can't wait for the two to reunite! 

Long week as a single parent...and single eyed! But Jackson and I made it through!! Even though he isn't feeling well he's been a good boy. I wouldn't have made it through if it weren't for his ear to ear grins and one of a kind dimple!!!

Happy boy and Happy Daddy in T-minus 1.5hours!!!


Books, Books and More Books

Looks like Jackson is following in the footsteps of his parents.  Rob and I really enjoy reading and are finding that passion again.  With a new baby and adjusting to that we kind of got out of the reading routine at night.  Anyways, Jackson REALLY loves reading time and has a few favorite books already.  It is so great to see him learning and enjoying that time with us.  I really need to try to read more to him but the kid just doesn't sit still!!!  Bedtime is the only time we get to these days and I'm hoping it becomes much more regular around here.  Here are some pics of bedtime routine the other night.  Got some good shots of Jackson.
maybe one of my all time favorites of him!

our handsome little man

picking out a book.  See the awesome bookcase his Uncle Brian built him!

reading by himself first

then with Daddy

enjoying one of his fav. books "Daddy & Me"

we have a similar pic of Rob putting Jackson to bed...when he was a lil' baby

caged animal

having a little snack before bed. Thank goodness for the crib rail guard!