Jackson is 11 Months Old...

This is a little delayed..but better late than never! Our big boy is 11 MONTHS old!!

At 11 Months, Jackson you:
-Weigh 25lbs
-Wear 18 month clothes (and some 24 month!!!)
-Enjoying making a "fish face"
-LOVE waving hi and bye at anyone AND anything!!
-Standing on his own but not really too interested in walking still.
-Are drinking all your milk out of a sippy cup now.  NO MORE BOTTLES!!!
-When you hear the house phone ring you say "Dada" cause its his work phone.  You also go to his office door and bang on it and yell his name!
-Saying: Mama, Dada, Dog (Dug), Go, No, Ni Ni (Night Night), Ello (Hello)
-Signing: More, Milk, Drink, Tree
-Like to turn off the lights and close the garage door as we walk by.
-Hold your hand up to you ear when we say "Hello"
-Have 4 teeth
-Laugh anytime you hear us laughing
-have a BIG BOY haircut!! 

Jackson, you make every day so very special. We love having you as our son and you make Mommy & Daddy so very happy every moment of every day.  In just a few weeks you will ONE! Not sure how it all flew by so quickly, but thank goodness I have 1 MILLION pictures of you...ok maybe not 1 MILLION, only 999,999 pictures :)


Grampie Visits!

What a great time we had while Grampie was here! We put him to work a little but just as Grammie said, give him a little Coke and icecream every day and he'll be more than happy to help around the house!!!

He wore Jackson OUT everyday as they played HARD anytime it wasn't nap time.  So great to see them have so much fun together.  They are such buds and I know they both needed the visit!!!

Here are a few pics from the visit.

a few minutes after Grampie arrived!!

best buddies!

Jackson found the magazines

so much fun!

What have I done?!