Video Post

Here are some videos of Jackson over the last month.  Waving, babbling, walking behind his train etc. 
He has changed so much in just one month as you can see.  Slowly but surely he is lengthening out and "slimming". 
Videos to come: Jackson STANDING all by himself...he wouldn't cooperate tonight with the video camera but he is standing REALLY well all of a sudden.  He also took ONE step tonight...what?! seriously?! how is my baby getting so big!

here is Jackson at 8.5 months..just learning to wave.

Here is Jackson taking a morning stroll at 9 months:

Another 9 month walking with train:

 Silly boy @ 9 months

Better walking with train now @ 9.5 months:


NINE MONTH PICTURES (sorry for Delay)

My handsome little boy

Always grinning for the camera

"Hey there giraffe!"

I think I want to try to crawl off the chair

The new face

happy boy

Daddy time


Jackson @ 9 Months

(Sorry no formal 9 month picture yet. We've been a little busy. But I'll include some pics over the last couple weeks and LOTS of new info to share about him)

At 9 Months Jackson, You:
Weigh 22lbs, 3 oz (90th) and are 31" tall (greater than 95th)

- Are ON THE MOVE Big time!
-Love to stand and try to walk behind your Mickey Choo Choo Train
-enjoy walking holding onto our hands (you laugh, grin and pick up your legs so fast you look like you're running!)
-have learned to wave
-talking NON stop.  Now that you are on the move and learning new things you don't really say Mama or Dada too much anymore. You are trying to figure out new words and learning your new signs. 
-You sign for "more", even though the correct sign has now changed into your OWN version which is a bit different but you are VERY clear about it to us! :)  Just like you to be creative and make up something different!
-mastered pulling up, hanging on with one hand, standing for a few seconds, and cruising the couch/tables.
-have plenty of bruises from your daredevilish ways! You are not afraid to try something new and possibly hurt yourself
-are still a big HAM!
-Like to help out and see what Mommy & Daddy are doing
-Wear 12 month clothes, size 4 diapers
-Down to eating 4, 6oz bottles a day, plus 3 solid food meals (meat, cheese, yogurt,crackers, every fruit & vegetable) + water in sippy cup. You are a great eater (obvious from your stats above) and will try anything!

Jackson, you have been a WONDERFUL baby through Mommy's health difficulties the last 3 weeks.  You could not have handled it any better and were Mommy's best medicine through it all especially when you visited me every morning in bed with that BIG grin and giggle.We are VERY blessed to be your parents and could not be prouder of you in every way.  Thank you for being so independent, happy-go-lucky, and quite the entertainment.  They say laughter heals and with you around we have plenty of that.  Hope we are as good of parents to you as you are a son to us. 


Short & Sweet

Sorry no pictures...this is short and sweet and have to lay back down (UGH) soon.  Its been a little hectic around our house the past 10 days but thanks to Grammie all is well!

Some updates for everyone on Jackson:
- Now pulling up by himself on anything and everything (making naptime not so great these days)
- Waving on command and enjoys the positive attention he gets when he does
- Loves Cheerios (thanks Grammie!)
- Is growing quite attached to Grammie
- Is babbling like never before.  The kid is ALWAYS talking!!!
- Trying to walk with assistance (CRAZY!!!!!)

Some updates on Mommy:
- now 10 days post surgery
- Able to sit up for small portions of time now
- Can't see ANYTHING out of my right eye for now
- Go back to Dr next Thursday and hopefully will get an idea of when I'll be prescribed a hard contact to wear in that eye until my lens surgery
- Fighting early morning migraines everyday but hoping that will stop soon!
- is VERY blessed to have amazing friends bring me meals and have Grammie here to be Nanny, Nurse and Cheerleader!