$1 Hat into Awesome Winter Hat for J man

I have been really inspired by the craft bogs lately and decided to mix a few techniques and come up with an UNIQUE winter hat for Jackson!  Many of Jackson's clothes from here on out are gonna be "custom.  I hate paying so much for the graphic tees etc so I'll be posting my projects for everyone to see.  ATTENTION MAMA FRIENDS: I'd be happy to have a little "get together" for some of these ideas (girls OR boys).  They are SUPER quick, easy, fun AND Cheap!

Here is the progression
$1 ski hat from Target

stenciled in black pain a fence design

Added fun fabric/felt appliques and decorative stitching

Voila! A fancy new winter hat for my Jackson Wayne

Jackson sportin' the hat (while he plays inside)


Best Dressed (Little) Man

Jackson decided to get dressed up for Thanksgiving and put on one of his Mama's ties! {PHOTO OVERLOAD} ahead!

We then got to spend Thanksgiving this year with some dear friends The Hatzl's & The Sawyer's.  Jackson had a great time playing with the other kids and it was great to being around our friends.

you can NEVER be too careful talking on the phone!


What I have planned for January....

Lots of fun crafting ideas for ME! Yes...ME! How I do love making things for my business and friends indeed, but its time for a little ME time in my sewing room!  Check out some of these awesome tutorials:

Going to redesign my craft room...LONG time coming so I found a little inspiration here:
and here:

Here are some fun ideas when I get around to doing some more cowboy things to Jackson's room OR when he goes into a big boy room later on

Mr. Independent

Now that Jackson is walking he can quite the Mr. Independent.  This I love and hate all at the same time. He is becoming such a big boy and we are so proud of him for each and everything new he learns.  On the other hand I think it is at least twice a day Rob and I say to each other in a sad voice, "He's not a little baby anymore!"
We went to the park on Monday with some friends and after 30+minutes of observing and sitting/standing COMPLETELY still (I mean still, like a statue) he starting wandering around. Every time we go somewhere new or to a playdate he just watches everything at the beginning and doesn't play with anyone.  Then he gets up the courage and he is off!  He goes off and plays by himself or with other kids and no need for Mama anymore!
He also walked around the park and on concrete for the first time.  Mama was a nervous wreck since he hadn't really been outside yet as a "walker".  He did great and really had a lot of fun! I think he was awfully proud of himself too!


Hollow Leg

So our little man is apparently growing like a WEED!  I think Jackson is going to have a FLAT you know what from sitting in his highchair so many hours of each day. If he isn't sleeping, he's eating!

Oh and did I mention what he ate for BREAKFAST this morning??  1 Pancake, 1 Banana, 6 Strawberries, 6oz milk, 2 handfuls blueberries, 1 MumMum. The kid just keeps signing "more" over and over again and fussing and just can't seem to get enough!!  At least he is getting TALL not just WIDE :)

Evidence Below of the eating:

Signing "More"


Eating and looking out the window



Holy Sushi

O how I love thee!  My whole life I have dogged on sushi, given it a bad name, denied its existence---then BAM I finally tried some "Ahhmazing" Spicy Tuna Rolls!!

I had to eat tuna crow.  I take it all back! Thanks to my awesome hubby for convincing me to try ONE more time.  I really didn't want to but who could resist his adorable smile (honey, that's for you since I know you like to read the blog!).  And of course while I was there I just had to indulge in some HIGHLY caloric Crab Wonton/Cheese Puffs. What girl could resist!?

Here's to trying new things and venturing out (raising of my imaginary glass full of Cab)!

Hmm what's next? ? 

Ok, maybe not!


Fall Vacation

We had an amazing family vacation with Grammie & Grampie in French Lick, Indiana.  So quiet and peaceful (well as quiet and peaceful you can get with a 1 year old).  Jackson and I flew up there which wasn't all that bad surprisingly enough!  We spent a night with Papaw which was great fun and then drove through rural Indiana until we got to French Lick Resort where we then stayed up on the hill.  We had a lot of visitors the week we were there which was so great!  Jackson got to meet some of my favorite people!

Mommy & Daddy had a date night and snuck away a few times to the casino and to go bowling! Mom, Vera, Paul and I got to go to the winery which was great fun too!  Jackson also went swimming most mornings at the indoor pool and loved loved loved it!  It was so great to be away from all the hectic that is our normal life and just have fun!!

Here are some pictures from the trip! Oh and did I mention Jackson is walking?! :)

Jackson & Papaw

in action!

he found the wine & beer stash!!