Holy Sushi

O how I love thee!  My whole life I have dogged on sushi, given it a bad name, denied its existence---then BAM I finally tried some "Ahhmazing" Spicy Tuna Rolls!!

I had to eat tuna crow.  I take it all back! Thanks to my awesome hubby for convincing me to try ONE more time.  I really didn't want to but who could resist his adorable smile (honey, that's for you since I know you like to read the blog!).  And of course while I was there I just had to indulge in some HIGHLY caloric Crab Wonton/Cheese Puffs. What girl could resist!?

Here's to trying new things and venturing out (raising of my imaginary glass full of Cab)!

Hmm what's next? ? 

Ok, maybe not!


Kate said...

I fully support your continued boycott of all things mushroom. Ew.

Tys said...

YAY for you! You know I'm a lover of sushi! No matter if you don't branch out further yet... I'll still eat all the shrimp and mushrooms off your plate! heehee!! When's our next meal btw!?!? ;)

Ellie Davis said...

I might go through withdrawals Tyson that we aren't eating together tonight. Girl you can ALWAYS have my shrimp & mushrooms! :)

Kate..let's make signs!!