Fall Vacation

We had an amazing family vacation with Grammie & Grampie in French Lick, Indiana.  So quiet and peaceful (well as quiet and peaceful you can get with a 1 year old).  Jackson and I flew up there which wasn't all that bad surprisingly enough!  We spent a night with Papaw which was great fun and then drove through rural Indiana until we got to French Lick Resort where we then stayed up on the hill.  We had a lot of visitors the week we were there which was so great!  Jackson got to meet some of my favorite people!

Mommy & Daddy had a date night and snuck away a few times to the casino and to go bowling! Mom, Vera, Paul and I got to go to the winery which was great fun too!  Jackson also went swimming most mornings at the indoor pool and loved loved loved it!  It was so great to be away from all the hectic that is our normal life and just have fun!!

Here are some pictures from the trip! Oh and did I mention Jackson is walking?! :)

Jackson & Papaw

in action!

he found the wine & beer stash!!

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