$1 Hat into Awesome Winter Hat for J man

I have been really inspired by the craft bogs lately and decided to mix a few techniques and come up with an UNIQUE winter hat for Jackson!  Many of Jackson's clothes from here on out are gonna be "custom.  I hate paying so much for the graphic tees etc so I'll be posting my projects for everyone to see.  ATTENTION MAMA FRIENDS: I'd be happy to have a little "get together" for some of these ideas (girls OR boys).  They are SUPER quick, easy, fun AND Cheap!

Here is the progression
$1 ski hat from Target

stenciled in black pain a fence design

Added fun fabric/felt appliques and decorative stitching

Voila! A fancy new winter hat for my Jackson Wayne

Jackson sportin' the hat (while he plays inside)


Tys said...

Dude is totally stylin! Ellie, you're beyond a crafter... you're like a professional or something! ;)

Ellie Davis said...

aww thanks Tyson. If you want to ever get together and make some stuff for the boys let me know..super simple and fun!

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

The hat turned out SO cute. Great work and thank you so much for sharing this with me!


Ellie Davis said...

Glad I did you proud Cheri. Thanks for all the inspirations! You're awesome!