Christmas at the Davis House

Jackson's First Christmas went very well.  He is very much a spoiled kid.  Lots of  books, some new toys, and PJs and clothes from Grammie and Grampie.  We all exchanged lots of great gifts and enjoyed being together.  I made a very yummy Christmas dinner, if I can say so myself.  Bacon & Herb Turkey Breast recipe courtesy of Emeril---it was a hit!!!!!!!!
Unfortunately Mommy got sick and in turn so did Jack Attack.  We are recovering still and have gone through 3 boxes of Kleenex thus far- talent I know.  Fun things that have happened while Jackson has been sick:  he has learned to blow snot bubbles, projectile vomit and coughing/sneezing fits in sequence with Mommy.  Hopefully him getting sick now means less sick later--here's to hoping.

Looking forward to 2010...only a few hours away! CHEERS!

Brian, Grampie & Grammie

Grampie & Jackson reading one of his new books

Uncle Brian and Jackson (overalls and all) with the bookshelf "they" made

JWD sculpture Uncle Brian made on the shelf he made in Jackson's room

Grammie & Jackson on the rocker

My gorgeous Jackson!!!!


"First" First Christmas and Aquarium visit

We had our first Christmas on Sunday while Uncle Brian's girlfriend Stacey was in town.  We exchanged some good gifts.  Some included a FSU Snuggie for Rob from Grammie & Grampie, a mani/pedi and massage for Grammie and I, Jackson's first Cardinals outfit, drum for Jackson with lights/music/language activies, 2 "mom" necklaces (James Avery and one that Rob got with Jackson's name and birthstone), an original sculpture (seen below) by Uncle Brian, and a Willowtree family figurine. And...there are STILL many presents under the tree!!!!  I've been cooking every night and baking lots of goodies.  Definitely not the best time to try to lose the baby weight. 

After opening gifts on Sunday, Rob and Grampie played golf and the rest of us went to the Aquarium downtown. We had never been before but we had a great time.  Jackson even enjoyed looking at the brighter tanks with fish.  He didn't cry or fuss, just enjoyed being pushed around in the stroller and taking in the scenery. 

Jackson's PJs with the Reindeer Rear from Grammie & Grampie

Jackson's 1st Cardinals outfit

playing the drum with Grampie's help

smiling at Grampie

Brian and Ellie

Sculpture from Uncle Brian  "JWD"

Jackson looking at the fish

pretty fish

Stacey petting the sharks

Brian as an underwater diver

Brian and Stacey getting attacked by the tiger

Uncle Brian with Jackson

Stacey as a shark

Jackson and Uncle Brian outside the aquarium (Looks smaller in his arms!)

My family!


Uncle Brian

Jackson got to meet his Uncle Brian this week.  He came into town on Tuesday and is staying for Christmas.  This is the first time they've met!  It is so great to see my brother holding our little Jackson.  Jackson is quite the big guy. Measuring in at 13lbs 11oz and 25 1/2 inches long as of yesterday.  Brian still manages to make Jackson not look as big which I guess happens with your 6'6".  He has changed a couple diapers already and is a natural.
Grammie and Grampie are coming into town tonight and are very exicted to see Jackson.  It will be great having a lot of extra hands here to help.  I might actually get some things done!! I feel like I'm always doing dishes these days with all the cookies and goodies I'm making so hopefully I can pawn that off on someone else. 
Other news...I quit my job this week.  I have decided to take off more time and be a stay at home mom for now.  I plan on going back to work just now that I'm not going to right now.  Want to spend this time with Jackson while I can and figure it out later.  I have a very understanding boss so that made it easier! I'm going to cram in a lot of fun things with Jackson while I have this special time with him.  He is continuing to grow and is trying to roll over both from his stomach and his back! He is growing too fast and trying to do things too quickly!!!

Jackson hanging out with Uncle Brian


2 Months

Jackson is 2 months old and doing great.  He is doing a lot of fun things these days that make his parents laugh.  He loves blowing bubbles, giggling at his mobile on his swing, smiling, doing the Elvis lip, and sitting up in his Bumbo chair.  He has quite the personality and his coos and grunts express that.  We are looking forward to Christmas with the family and having a house full of helpers!  I have been making cookies, holiday nuts and other treats and getting ready for guests. 

Jackson also attended his first concert---Bon Jovi!!!  It was at the private Lanier Christmas party and under a big tent.  Jackson and I sat outside the tent as I couldn't let a 2 month old be exposed to such loud noise...the sacrafices we make for our kiddos.  I did get to swap out with Rob and see Bon Jovi perform Livin on a Prayer which was awesome!!  Jackson also was sporting his cowboy boots but slept through the whole afternoon events.

Daddy putting Jackson to bed

Jackson blowing bubbles at his giraffe

Mommy with her little cowboy

Getting ready to head to the Lanier Christmas Party

Mommy and Jackson outside the Bon Jovi concert


Jackson is 8 Weeks Old!

It snowed in Houston last week...crazy I know!  Jackson saw his first snow and didn't really seem to mind it.  He just kept looking into the air and it kept falling on his face.  It was nice to see the snow and fun to get excited about this time of year.  It was very cold for a couple days so it wasn't fun for me to be stuck in the house!!! I was definitely ready to get back out once it warmed up again.  Jackson also started to do a lot of new things last week.  He giggled a couple time (no noise but the belly shake and shoulder shrugs while he was smiling). He is smiling a lot at Rob and I and is so very happy in the morning after a long night of sleep.  He has been sleeping 6-7 hours at night and then loves morning time with mommy.  He smiles and plays and makes it much easier for me to be ok with being up so early.  He is starting to go down to bed at 8 and up around 2:30/3 and then back to bed until 6AM. I can handle this!!   He also loves tummy time now and is getting really good at it.  He also can sit up in his Bumbo for just a bit now.  He is just growing so fast, making new faces and noises everyday and I'm trying to soak it all in!!

Mommy & Jackson in the snow

Daddy and Jackson in the snow

Jackson's 1st Christmas ornament I got him

Shot a picture of Jackson where he sits and watches the Christmas tree lights

Jackson in his Bumbo, working hard

Jackson in his swing...he was happy so I just wanted to capture it.



Jackson is now 7 weeks old! Time is flying by. As you can see from the picture he is starting to smile more and more. Every time he does it I want to freeze time and in this pic- its the closest to it that I can get. Can't believe I caught it!!!
For Thanksgiving the 8.5 hour trip turned into a 10 hour trip but he did GREAT! He really never fussed, basically slept the whole time and we stopped to feed him and change him. We left in the afternoon on Friday so didn't get in to Pensacola until 2:30am on Saturday!!! Needless to say on Saturday we did some major napping. On Monday Rob and I had our "first" date as parents as we had some great babysitters. We had a wonderful dinner at McGuire's and took our time. Steak and wine was delicious!!!!

While we were there Grampie put on the fire so Jackson could watch and enjoy a little warmth. It was actually QUITE chilly in Pensacola so we got good use out of Jackson's jackets and hats. Jackson met a lot of people that have been waiting to see him. Jackson met Shelly, Kate, Anna, The Jones Family and all of Grammie's line dancing pals. They all oohed and ahhed over Jackson and he got some great presents. He is spoiled already!!!!
One major milestone is Jackson is finally sleeping longer. He slept for over 6 hours 2 days in the past week. Fingers crossed this continues! Everyday Jackson is changing and doing lots of new things for the first time. He has grown out of lots of his clothes which makes mommy sad--time is flying by!!