2 Months

Jackson is 2 months old and doing great.  He is doing a lot of fun things these days that make his parents laugh.  He loves blowing bubbles, giggling at his mobile on his swing, smiling, doing the Elvis lip, and sitting up in his Bumbo chair.  He has quite the personality and his coos and grunts express that.  We are looking forward to Christmas with the family and having a house full of helpers!  I have been making cookies, holiday nuts and other treats and getting ready for guests. 

Jackson also attended his first concert---Bon Jovi!!!  It was at the private Lanier Christmas party and under a big tent.  Jackson and I sat outside the tent as I couldn't let a 2 month old be exposed to such loud noise...the sacrafices we make for our kiddos.  I did get to swap out with Rob and see Bon Jovi perform Livin on a Prayer which was awesome!!  Jackson also was sporting his cowboy boots but slept through the whole afternoon events.

Daddy putting Jackson to bed

Jackson blowing bubbles at his giraffe

Mommy with her little cowboy

Getting ready to head to the Lanier Christmas Party

Mommy and Jackson outside the Bon Jovi concert

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