Uncle Brian

Jackson got to meet his Uncle Brian this week.  He came into town on Tuesday and is staying for Christmas.  This is the first time they've met!  It is so great to see my brother holding our little Jackson.  Jackson is quite the big guy. Measuring in at 13lbs 11oz and 25 1/2 inches long as of yesterday.  Brian still manages to make Jackson not look as big which I guess happens with your 6'6".  He has changed a couple diapers already and is a natural.
Grammie and Grampie are coming into town tonight and are very exicted to see Jackson.  It will be great having a lot of extra hands here to help.  I might actually get some things done!! I feel like I'm always doing dishes these days with all the cookies and goodies I'm making so hopefully I can pawn that off on someone else. 
Other news...I quit my job this week.  I have decided to take off more time and be a stay at home mom for now.  I plan on going back to work just now that I'm not going to right now.  Want to spend this time with Jackson while I can and figure it out later.  I have a very understanding boss so that made it easier! I'm going to cram in a lot of fun things with Jackson while I have this special time with him.  He is continuing to grow and is trying to roll over both from his stomach and his back! He is growing too fast and trying to do things too quickly!!!

Jackson hanging out with Uncle Brian

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