Jackson is now 7 weeks old! Time is flying by. As you can see from the picture he is starting to smile more and more. Every time he does it I want to freeze time and in this pic- its the closest to it that I can get. Can't believe I caught it!!!
For Thanksgiving the 8.5 hour trip turned into a 10 hour trip but he did GREAT! He really never fussed, basically slept the whole time and we stopped to feed him and change him. We left in the afternoon on Friday so didn't get in to Pensacola until 2:30am on Saturday!!! Needless to say on Saturday we did some major napping. On Monday Rob and I had our "first" date as parents as we had some great babysitters. We had a wonderful dinner at McGuire's and took our time. Steak and wine was delicious!!!!

While we were there Grampie put on the fire so Jackson could watch and enjoy a little warmth. It was actually QUITE chilly in Pensacola so we got good use out of Jackson's jackets and hats. Jackson met a lot of people that have been waiting to see him. Jackson met Shelly, Kate, Anna, The Jones Family and all of Grammie's line dancing pals. They all oohed and ahhed over Jackson and he got some great presents. He is spoiled already!!!!
One major milestone is Jackson is finally sleeping longer. He slept for over 6 hours 2 days in the past week. Fingers crossed this continues! Everyday Jackson is changing and doing lots of new things for the first time. He has grown out of lots of his clothes which makes mommy sad--time is flying by!!

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