Christmas at the Davis House

Jackson's First Christmas went very well.  He is very much a spoiled kid.  Lots of  books, some new toys, and PJs and clothes from Grammie and Grampie.  We all exchanged lots of great gifts and enjoyed being together.  I made a very yummy Christmas dinner, if I can say so myself.  Bacon & Herb Turkey Breast recipe courtesy of Emeril---it was a hit!!!!!!!!
Unfortunately Mommy got sick and in turn so did Jack Attack.  We are recovering still and have gone through 3 boxes of Kleenex thus far- talent I know.  Fun things that have happened while Jackson has been sick:  he has learned to blow snot bubbles, projectile vomit and coughing/sneezing fits in sequence with Mommy.  Hopefully him getting sick now means less sick later--here's to hoping.

Looking forward to 2010...only a few hours away! CHEERS!

Brian, Grampie & Grammie

Grampie & Jackson reading one of his new books

Uncle Brian and Jackson (overalls and all) with the bookshelf "they" made

JWD sculpture Uncle Brian made on the shelf he made in Jackson's room

Grammie & Jackson on the rocker

My gorgeous Jackson!!!!

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