Sick sick sick

 Ok, so Mommy got sick and was quite miserable for Christmas and is still sick.  Mommy got Jackson sick.  This is where MAJOR guilt kicks in.  He has coughing and sneezing fits and you can tell he gets so ticked off about it!  The humidifier is getting some good use as well as KLEENEX.  We are on our 3rd box!!!  Would probably be more if it weren't for Mommy using anything in arms reach to rub Jackson's snot on (and that includes Rob!).  Saline drops are a godsend, who knew!  We have also elevated one end of his mattress which has helped him sleep better and cough less at night...however he squirms his way down the mattress quite a bit by morning.  He is still not eating great but much better than a few days ago when he would only take about 1oz at a time and then would nap for 4-5 hours.  Today he is eating more like 3oz and more often when he isn't sleeping.  He is napping a lot because he doesn't feel good --a lot meaning Rob and I have to go over there and check on him to make sure he is alive. Never wanted my kid to wake up so much before--miss holding him and playing with him.

On the road to recovery it seems and Jackson is having good moments where we see his happy self.  Hopefully more and more each day--miss my happy little guy.  Also, hopefully Rob will feel better soon because between Jackson and Rob's coughing I can barely hear myself think.

Here's to 2010 and hoping we are getting sickness out of the way!!!!!

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