Jackson is 3 Months Old 1/13/10

Our handsome little man is 3 months old and quite a neat dude!  We are having a lot of fun and each day brings new noises and faces. I love the new surprises around every corner.  Jackson is now a master napper- 2 naps 2 hrs/ea. then a 1hr cat nap in the evening before bed.  Its amazing when he gets long interrupted sleep how much happier his playtime is! He napped well before, meaning he had many, but they were short. These longer naps are fantastic and so glad I go more strict on these.

Info about Jackson at 3 months:
-Not sure of weight (scale is broken, which is actually a great thing for me!)
-In 3-6 and 6 month clothes depending on brand and actually in a couple 6-9 month (have to fit his length more than his weight!)
-stands when you hold him on your lap
-on tummy is trying to do the mini-pushup but is only about halfway there
-loves sitting in the Bumbo or couch for 30 min+
-goes to bed without a pacifier
-eating 30-36oz/day
-wearing size 2 shoes
-can't fit into any baby hats we have, poor guy
-loves sucking on his hands
-pulling on bib, burp cloth, blanket, MY HAIR, and even now reaching for small toys/pacifier
-just started sticking everything he reaches out for in his mouth
-likes to sit in stroller like a big boy (not in the carseat locked into the stroller etc)
-discovering his feet and fascinated by his socks/shoes
-trying to mimic sounds and thinks its fun having conversations with Mommy

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ourbabymakesfour said...

my goodness he is growing up!!!!!!!!