Jackson Loves his Puffs

Jackson is really enjoying feeding himself his puffs lately. He is getting pretty good at it! I let him have this snack as a dessert basically.  After his meal he enjoys his sippy cup of water and some puffs.  Here are some pics below of him enjoying some blueberry flavored puffs.

He is growing up so fast right before our eyes. He is getting very close on crawling but I want to just pick him up and keep him my little baby forever!!

Dinners @ Home, Nights 1 & 2

I already cook A LOT but we decided to get back into it full force after our cruise!  Trying new recipes (all low cal/low fat versions) and having a glass of red wine together every night!  It sure beats going out for dinner!! Especially when Rob does the dishes ;)  Happy to share any of these recipes if they look yummy to you!  You wouldn't know any of these were low cal version by the tast!

Night 1
A Little Cab

Panko Crusted Stuffed Chicken (Spinach, Prosciutto, Pine Nuts, Cheese)

Rob doing dishes!!

Night #2
Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

Our Favorite Salsa!


You Say its Your Birthday...

This past Saturday in Florida we had a surprise party for Grampie's 60th Bday!!!  Grammie invited some close friends and had a BIG surprise for Grampie.  She invited our friends from Illinois (Bill, Sandy & Derek)! They drove down from Illinois that day to be there! Grampie was REALLY surprised and moved.  We had such a good time with everyone!  Yummy food and a cake by moi (Thanks to Tyson for the yummy recipe). 
Jay & Kate
Cidihna & Carroll
Sandy hugging Grampie
Bill Hugging Grampie & Derek in background

YUMMY Bday cake

Birthday boy blowing out the candles

So glad my Dad had a good birthday weekend!  Here's to a great year ahead! LOVE YOU!


Back in the USA!!!

We made it back to the USA and got to hold our baby boy for the first time in 7 days!  Our cruise was great and much needed vacation but we missed Jackson soooooooooooooooooooo much.  While we were gone he apparently learned to talk A LOT.  He is making all sorts of new noises but his favorite now is Bababa.  He also instantly goes to all fours when you put him on his stomach and is trying SO hard to crawl. 

Tonight is Dad's Surprise 60th bday party! The birthday cake is cooling (Thanks Tyson for the AWESOME recipe).  I am catching up on emails and trying to upload some new photos.

Can't wait to share more on our cruising experience.  We had a blast and were very active, but also ATE a lot but hopefully didn't gain too much as I already had some weight to lose.

Missed everyone in Houston and we'll be headed back on Monday.  Pics to come soon but wanted to update everyone that we made it back safely, rested, and have our little man back in our arms!!


7 Months

Where did the time go? You are  growing fast and before you know it you will be 1 Year Old!  Mommy & Daddy are working on ideas for your big party. 

At 7 Months Old Jackson:

- You weigh 21 lbs, 12 oz (90-95th percentile)
- Bang anything and everything together!
- Independent Sitter.  You can sit up by yourself for long periods of time
- Wearing 12 mo. clothes
- Sleeping from 6:30pm until about 7/7:30am, 2 ~2hr naps/day
- Like your jumper still but would now rather be sitting & playing with your toys
- Wearing Size 3 Diapers during day and Size 4 at night
- Eating 4 8oz bottles and 3 solid food meals per day
- LOVE your rice puffs and are getting close to feeding yourself.  You get them in your hand but can't figure out how to let go of them and eat them :)
- Drink water of a sippy cup by yourself
- Still loves to dance
- Flirts flirts flirts! You love smiling at people and playing coy.
- Had your first swimming experience on your 7 Month Birthday!  You are a fish!
- Your dad thinks you say "Hey", but you like the "h" sound, "g" sound, "m" sound


Jackson Cracks Himself Up

Zoo Visit

Jackson visited the Houston Zoo for the first time today! It was a very special First Mother's Day with my boy!  He wasn't TOO interested but did spot some really bright birds (some kind from Australia) which were playing and flipping upside down and around on branches.  He also liked looking at the Otters swimming by quickly.  But, if it wasn't moving quickly he wasn't too interested!

Here are some pics from the day.  Somehow PopPop Davis managed to stay out of the pics today, but he was there too!  Oh...and Jackson didn't so much like the goats!!  He was ok if we were holding him and standing, but when we tried to get him to pet them..we had a meltdown!!

Loving his new stroller. He loved putting his legs up on the tray.

Not so sure of these goats!

Ok Dad...no closer!

My sweet boy enjoying the monkeys!

Mommy enjoying the giraffes and the new stroller!! It rocks!

Loves playing with his toes


Pop-Pop Davis Came to Visit

Jackson is having a good time hanging out with Pop-Pop Davis so far!  This is their first time together and I would have to say, so far so good!!  They are quite the playtime buds and they didn't even need a "warm up" period.  Tomorrow we head to the zoo for Mother's Day and to make some great memories for the Davis clan.  Today we visited the swings again, and still Jackson is quite indifferent.  He'd much rather lean forward, hang, and look straight down to the ground...why swing, when you can just hang?! :)

3 Generations of Davis Men

sitting back & relaxing...that's a bore

wow, that's a long way down

This is new...and I like it!

Yeah...Dad put these on me again! Trendsetter...that's me!


No wonder I want another baby?!

Sometimes I wonder why Rob and I want another baby soon...and here are some reasons why below!! Wouldn't you agree?!!!


Try, try again

Jack tries REALLY hard to crawl, but he's just not there yet.  Scooting, scooting backwards, and spinning on his tummy to what he wants is however mastered!  He's got a lot of weight to move so we didn't expect him to be on the same timeline as his other friends.

Other news, he got his very first fever yesterday but as always amazes us with his big boy approach to everything. He really didn't wine, just slept a lot and wouldn't eat much.  He had one melt down at night but that's when his temp was 103.5 so I think he had quite the reason to fret.  This morning and up until this afternoon the temp has been 99 :)  Hopefully that's the end of it and who knows exactly what it was?  Either way, it was very hard to see him so tired and feel how VERY hot he was. 

Here are a few pics of him waking up from his nap time and scooting around in his crib.