Pop-Pop Davis Came to Visit

Jackson is having a good time hanging out with Pop-Pop Davis so far!  This is their first time together and I would have to say, so far so good!!  They are quite the playtime buds and they didn't even need a "warm up" period.  Tomorrow we head to the zoo for Mother's Day and to make some great memories for the Davis clan.  Today we visited the swings again, and still Jackson is quite indifferent.  He'd much rather lean forward, hang, and look straight down to the ground...why swing, when you can just hang?! :)

3 Generations of Davis Men

sitting back & relaxing...that's a bore

wow, that's a long way down

This is new...and I like it!

Yeah...Dad put these on me again! Trendsetter...that's me!


Amanda said...

Caiden and Jackson seem to have the same reaction to swinging. Too cute! Also, where did you find Jackson's cute sunglasses? Caiden continuously takes his off and I know the sun hurts his eyes. Have fun at the zoo. Happy Mother's Day!

Ellie Davis said...

We got the glasses from One Step Ahead. Thought they'd be good for the pool. Happy Mommy Day to you too!