Back in the USA!!!

We made it back to the USA and got to hold our baby boy for the first time in 7 days!  Our cruise was great and much needed vacation but we missed Jackson soooooooooooooooooooo much.  While we were gone he apparently learned to talk A LOT.  He is making all sorts of new noises but his favorite now is Bababa.  He also instantly goes to all fours when you put him on his stomach and is trying SO hard to crawl. 

Tonight is Dad's Surprise 60th bday party! The birthday cake is cooling (Thanks Tyson for the AWESOME recipe).  I am catching up on emails and trying to upload some new photos.

Can't wait to share more on our cruising experience.  We had a blast and were very active, but also ATE a lot but hopefully didn't gain too much as I already had some weight to lose.

Missed everyone in Houston and we'll be headed back on Monday.  Pics to come soon but wanted to update everyone that we made it back safely, rested, and have our little man back in our arms!!

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