2 Week Old Lincoln

How the heck is our 2nd baby already 2 weeks old!!! (ok now almost 3 weeks since it took me 4 days to write this post)

We had his check up on Friday and looks like we have another happy, healthy baby on our hands.  

At 2 Weeks Old, Lincoln you:
- Weigh 6lb, 13oz (back at birthweight)
- Measure 20.75" long
- Wear Newborn size clothes and diapers (some newborn stuff is still too big for you!)
- Are pretty good sleeper and eater for a 2 week old (you have a 5 hr stretch almost every night)
- Love to cuddle and we love every minute of this time with you!

Your big brother loves and cares for you almost as much as Mommy &  Daddy!! He always kisses you and is very sad and worried for you when you cry.  You are going to have a really great time together when you get a little bigger! 


Friday the 13th is LUCKY After All

Introducing to you,

weighing 6lbs 13oz
measuring 18.75"

He is a MUCH much smaller version of his big brother Jackson

We are slowly adjusting to life as a family of 4...sleep deprived but a house full of love.


Jackson's "2nd" Christmas

Jackson went shopping yesterday to spend some of his Christmas money he got from out of town family.

Here is what he picked out!  Ok, now no more toys until Christmas 2012 for this boy!!

was anxious to get them out of the box!
hurry daddy!
Loving it. Moves, makes noises and a little music too!
now to help Daddy assemble the hot wheels track

Getting it ready to set up!
Trying it out! 

Check out the car flying out the bottom!
Daddy loves Jackson's new toys too!