Say it ain't so.. 11 Months

At 11 Months You:

-Weigh about 19.5lbs
-Wear Size3 Diaper
-Wearing 12mo and 12-18mo clothes (you have LONG LEGS!)
-Take an AM and PM nap.
-Usually sleep from 6A-7A
-Eat 4 bottles, 3 meals and a snack.  FINALLY starting to eat "real" people food but still REFUSE to hold your bottle.  Just a few weeks left and you'll just have to learn how to use that sippy cup!
-Love watching your brother play and squeal and smile at everything he does
-Have pulled up once...yes once about 3 weeks ago.  Didn't find it necessary I suppose.  You still don't really love the idea of putting weight on your legs much, but Dr. said you're just a little lazy
-LOVE baths!
Getting ready to celebrate your first Christmas


Lincoln at 5 Months

Lincoln turned 5 Months last week and I am behind behind behind on blogging....well pretty much everything.  So here is an update for all those out of towners and long-distance friends to see what our little guy is up to.

At 5 Months Old Lincoln:
- You weigh approximately 15 lbs (3 lbs less than your hefty big bro at this point!)
- Mastered rolling over both ways within a week of each other and then really just don't ever do it anymore :)
- Sleep on your belly now
- Wearing 6 month clothes and wearing 6-9month in pajamas that are full length footies
- Love your teething toys, mom's knuckle, bib, burpcloth (ok anything you can insert in mouth)
-Wear size 2 Diapers
-LOVE smiling and flirting now ALL the time.
-Very serious about your schedule...you pretty much seem to tell time and don't let me know forget about what needs to happen next!
-Nursing/Bottle Feeding now with about 1 bottle of it being formula
-Still not eating any "food" yet...we're holding off.
-Working hard at sitting up.  Sat up last night (with your hands in front of you) for 30 seconds.  You HATE being laid down now
-Are very ticklish

We love you bunches and will continue to try to keep you safe from your wild & crazy brother!!  He really does love you....he just forgets how teeny you are sometimes! And sorry about him barging in your room in the morning this week to wake you up early..we are working on that ;)

Mommy & Daddy


Lincoln at 3 Months

At 3 Months You:

-You weigh...umm...I have no clue! :) Haven't had time to weigh you.
-Wear Size 1 Diapers still
-Wearing 3-6month clothes and have to wear 6 month in sleepers because you're too long for the 3 month ones!
-Take 2 long naps and one short nap per day
-Sleeping 10-12 hours at night consistently.  Once you're asleep around 7 we don't see you until the morning!
-Eat about 4-5times per day...I guess you stock up in between meals
-Smile a lot now AND we are on the verge of a laugh...making noises and ALMOST giggling!
-Only in the swing for a few minutes during the day and you don't sleep in it at all anymore.
-Watch your brother like a hawk..you turn and contort your head all the time to see what he is up to.

We are having so much fun watching you grow!


Jackson & Grampie

They are quite the pair:

Lincoln is 2 Months!

At 2 Months Old, Lincoln you:

-Weigh 11 lbs
-Wear Size 1 Diapers
-Wearing Size 0-3Mo. Clothes and starting to get too long for the 0-3 sleepers!
-Are taking reflux medicine and it is working like a charm!
-You sleep anywhere from 6-8.5hours in one stretch at night.  You go right back to sleep and also sleep A LOT during the day.  I think I hit the baby lottery again!
-Still eat about every 3 hours during the day
-Smile a lot now
-Enjoying tummy time and play gym time more and more and spending less time in the swing.  
-Holding up your head much better now and have even tried out the Bumbo!
-Are a pro at the baby sling and enjoy it.

see, I like to sleep a lot :)