Say it ain't so.. 11 Months

At 11 Months You:

-Weigh about 19.5lbs
-Wear Size3 Diaper
-Wearing 12mo and 12-18mo clothes (you have LONG LEGS!)
-Take an AM and PM nap.
-Usually sleep from 6A-7A
-Eat 4 bottles, 3 meals and a snack.  FINALLY starting to eat "real" people food but still REFUSE to hold your bottle.  Just a few weeks left and you'll just have to learn how to use that sippy cup!
-Love watching your brother play and squeal and smile at everything he does
-Have pulled up once...yes once about 3 weeks ago.  Didn't find it necessary I suppose.  You still don't really love the idea of putting weight on your legs much, but Dr. said you're just a little lazy
-LOVE baths!
Getting ready to celebrate your first Christmas

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