Lincoln is 2 Months!

At 2 Months Old, Lincoln you:

-Weigh 11 lbs
-Wear Size 1 Diapers
-Wearing Size 0-3Mo. Clothes and starting to get too long for the 0-3 sleepers!
-Are taking reflux medicine and it is working like a charm!
-You sleep anywhere from 6-8.5hours in one stretch at night.  You go right back to sleep and also sleep A LOT during the day.  I think I hit the baby lottery again!
-Still eat about every 3 hours during the day
-Smile a lot now
-Enjoying tummy time and play gym time more and more and spending less time in the swing.  
-Holding up your head much better now and have even tried out the Bumbo!
-Are a pro at the baby sling and enjoy it.

see, I like to sleep a lot :)


Heather Woyak said...

So stinkin' cute!! Next time we head to P'cola around the time y'all are, we will definitely have to catch up!

Ellie Davis said...

and yes Heather, definitely.