Lincoln at 6 weeks

We are growing growing growing out of our clothes at the Davis house...ok well Jackson and Lincoln anyway! 

Mr. L has now made his way into 0-3 month clothes, mostly because of length! He was busting out of the NB clothes in length.   Below are pics of L at 6 weeks and trying out his crib for the first time. 

Daddy left this week for work for 6 days, 5 NIGHTS! Lincoln got diagnosed with reflux and we are going to start the meds today. (Fingers crossed!)  He is breastfeeding like a champ and is now over 10 lbs. If he's not in pain because of the reflux he is a REALLY happy baby.

This week he also SMILED for the first time. First at Jackson, then at Miss Christy, then Mommy :) He loves watching his big brother and loves to coo at him too.

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