2 Week Old Lincoln

How the heck is our 2nd baby already 2 weeks old!!! (ok now almost 3 weeks since it took me 4 days to write this post)

We had his check up on Friday and looks like we have another happy, healthy baby on our hands.  

At 2 Weeks Old, Lincoln you:
- Weigh 6lb, 13oz (back at birthweight)
- Measure 20.75" long
- Wear Newborn size clothes and diapers (some newborn stuff is still too big for you!)
- Are pretty good sleeper and eater for a 2 week old (you have a 5 hr stretch almost every night)
- Love to cuddle and we love every minute of this time with you!

Your big brother loves and cares for you almost as much as Mommy &  Daddy!! He always kisses you and is very sad and worried for you when you cry.  You are going to have a really great time together when you get a little bigger! 

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