Car Show!

Daddy had a great idea to get Jackson out of the house and entertained.  We made our way down to the Houston Car Show! Man, did Rob get it right!! Jackson had the time of his life.  We walked in and he put his hands in the air and screamed "YAY!".  The entire time he walked around saying, "Drive big truck", "Car Show!!", "White car!".  We'll definitely be going back next year, definitely.

Lincoln also did fantastic in our first outing as a family of four.  He fits so well into our family!

gotta check out all the controls on the King Ranch


this boy LOVES Jeeps!

Showing off his police car he got at the car show. Shortly after he crashed!! We missed nap time with all the fun and Jackson was not crabby at all!  He is becoming such a big boy.

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