7 Months

Where did the time go? You are  growing fast and before you know it you will be 1 Year Old!  Mommy & Daddy are working on ideas for your big party. 

At 7 Months Old Jackson:

- You weigh 21 lbs, 12 oz (90-95th percentile)
- Bang anything and everything together!
- Independent Sitter.  You can sit up by yourself for long periods of time
- Wearing 12 mo. clothes
- Sleeping from 6:30pm until about 7/7:30am, 2 ~2hr naps/day
- Like your jumper still but would now rather be sitting & playing with your toys
- Wearing Size 3 Diapers during day and Size 4 at night
- Eating 4 8oz bottles and 3 solid food meals per day
- LOVE your rice puffs and are getting close to feeding yourself.  You get them in your hand but can't figure out how to let go of them and eat them :)
- Drink water of a sippy cup by yourself
- Still loves to dance
- Flirts flirts flirts! You love smiling at people and playing coy.
- Had your first swimming experience on your 7 Month Birthday!  You are a fish!
- Your dad thinks you say "Hey", but you like the "h" sound, "g" sound, "m" sound

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