15 Weeks

Jackson is doing very well these days.  He had his first belly laugh on his 14week bday, now enjoys the exersaucer more and more everyday (thanks Wendy!), and had a couple small bites of rice cereal this past week.  We weighed him today and he was just over 16lbs.  He seems to be lengthening more and stretching out the fat.  We have to wait until our Feb 12th Dr. visit (4 month check up) to get an accurate length update on him.  He was 25.5" at his 2 month check up and 13lbs 8 oz. I can't believe how fast he is growing and how it seems like a blink of an eye.

We are very excited about his baptism on the 6th.  He gets to spend some time with Grammie & Grampie in Florida and hopefully will do a lot of smiling and laughing for them.  Jackson is quite the babbler these days and loves to hum and coo on our walks.  He LOVES sticking his bib in his mouth, or the rings, or the blanket...ok pretty much anything! Can we say...teething!!??  Jackson is no longer interested in the swing which will help in our packing to go to Florida.  Playmat or exersaucer it is!!

Now that Mommy is getting back into shape we are going for a lot more walks, sometimes 2/day.  Today we did a nice long 3 mile walk with a new friend in the neighborhood with a 3 month old boy as well.  Amazing how much further you walk when you have company!! Didn't feel like that far but just getting down where we met and back to our house was 2 miles.  I felt very accomplished I must say.  Mommy also goes back to the trainer tomorrow so I can build back my muscles so I can carry my hefty boy around.

Standing up in the exersaucer

Concentrating very hard

Jackson enjoying some rice cereal

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