I got some much needed scrapbooking done which makes me VERY happy.  I have scrapbooked the first 2 weeks of Jackson's life thus far.  I had soooooooooo many pictures to go through for those first few days so it took me quite a while deciding which pictures to use since I couldn't use them all.  Working on this scrapbook makes me realize just how quickly 3 months have gone.  Today I was doing a little scrapbooking and Jackson was sitting in his highchair playing with toys.  I kept looking at him and couldn't quite grasp that he used to be small (well smaller...he was a big baby).  I need to try to keep up the pace before I get too behind on his scrapbook. I am dedicated on doing this for his 1st year and also for the next baby's 1st year and I want to have no excuses for not doing it for the next kid.  Lofty goals I know, but, hey! I'm an overachiever.

I decided to share some pages with those that aren't going to get to see these for quite some time if at all.  Enjoy!!