Best Birthday Present!!

I have the best birthday present I could ever ask for. That's my son Jackson!!!!  He whispered Happy Birthday to me this morning and told me that next year he'll sing me the song :) .  This morning I got to sleep in until 8:45am. Yes, that means our little man slept for about 13 hours!!!  He is quite the all-star when it comes to sleep training.  Consistency, consistency, consistency sure does pay off!!! Jackson will be baptized in a few weeks and I am very much looking forward to that.  We'll have to venture again to Florida and see how he does with the 9hr drive this time.  I think he'll be fine as long as he is well fed and dry.  Fingers crossed!! If not then we may be flying over next time.  Continental now has a direct flight there so we are very happy and can fly on our miles.  I'm probably going to take a tester trip with him on the plane sometime this summer to see how it goes.  Scary thought.

Melting Pot tonight and Wendy is our babysitter.  Looking forward to a dinner where I'm not wiping slobber, rocking his car seat, making silly faces, and scarfing down food to avoid a meltdown in public.  I am going to take my sweet time and enjoy every bite!! yummmmmmmmmmmmm!  (but I will be missing Jackson every moment)

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