12 weeks

Jackson is 12 weeks old already..can't believe.  I feel like not that long ago he was reeking havoc in my belly and making himself known.  He is much calmer here in the real world and most the time is quite content just chilling.  He is getting much better at reaching out for things and sucking on his hands when he is a little upset.  He wears a bib 24/7 do to his major drooling, mostly caused by his fascination with blowing bubbles.  I should of just bought plain onesies as you can't ever see what cute stuff he's wearing because he has a bib on. 
Jackson has found the mirror on his swing and on his playmat and enjoys looking at himself.  He'll start crying and look at that and stop, pause and then throw a flirty smile its way...hilarious!!  He is just now flirting- turning his head and smiling acting all shy. Watch out girls...he's going to be a heartbreaker!!!!!
He is now eating 6 oz per sitting and has been sleeping from 8-6:30 the last couple days now so we're keeping our fingers crossed!!!  I'm a much happier mom when I get my sleep.
Jackson is now joining us for dinner and sitting in his highchair.  He used to sit in his swing but it was too far away from us and he wants to be a part of everything. He seems to enjoy it and we do as well because he isn't screaming through our dinner.  Also I want him to get used to it as he'll be eating rice cereal in a month. 
We are not enjoying this colder weather as our daily walks are no longer. Mommy is a wimp now and I just can't make Jackson freeze...he is a heater and all but I just can't do it :)

Jackson enjoying his highchair

Jackson in his Bumbo..he loves this thing!!


Jessie said...

Oh my goodness...he looks just like Rob in these pictures!!!!

ourbabymakesfour said...

He's such a sweet boy! I love seeing him today.