Daddy Time

Jackson is really enjoying Daddy time at the end of the day.  Guess he's sick at looking at my mug all day long!  Daddy also does some fun things with him like lifting him way up in the air, playing SuperMan, and some very silly faces.  The other night Jackson was very excited that Daddy was done with work and downstairs to play. Unfortunately...he had a little of his afternoon feeding that decided to make an entrance.  All over Jackson and Daddy.  TOO funny!  Suprisingly it doesn't bother Rob. He just laughs it off.  Good Daddy!

We are packing things up and getting ready to head to Pensacola in a couple days.  Crossing our fingers that Jackson is great in the car for 9 hours.  Just took the SUV into the shop today as the AC just decided to not work (its not warm but its certainly not COLD).  Hoping its just a silly thing like they said it could be a fuse or a loose hose OR it could be something big.  If big, we're going to have to figure out how we are going to make the entire trip in a sedan!!!

CHECK OUT Jackson's spiked hair these days, the pictures really do show it!

Slobber anyone?

Um, Sorry Daddy...didn't mean to!


Now I'm tired. Playtime with Daddy was exhausting..Off to bed

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