Jackson is 8 Weeks Old!

It snowed in Houston last week...crazy I know!  Jackson saw his first snow and didn't really seem to mind it.  He just kept looking into the air and it kept falling on his face.  It was nice to see the snow and fun to get excited about this time of year.  It was very cold for a couple days so it wasn't fun for me to be stuck in the house!!! I was definitely ready to get back out once it warmed up again.  Jackson also started to do a lot of new things last week.  He giggled a couple time (no noise but the belly shake and shoulder shrugs while he was smiling). He is smiling a lot at Rob and I and is so very happy in the morning after a long night of sleep.  He has been sleeping 6-7 hours at night and then loves morning time with mommy.  He smiles and plays and makes it much easier for me to be ok with being up so early.  He is starting to go down to bed at 8 and up around 2:30/3 and then back to bed until 6AM. I can handle this!!   He also loves tummy time now and is getting really good at it.  He also can sit up in his Bumbo for just a bit now.  He is just growing so fast, making new faces and noises everyday and I'm trying to soak it all in!!

Mommy & Jackson in the snow

Daddy and Jackson in the snow

Jackson's 1st Christmas ornament I got him

Shot a picture of Jackson where he sits and watches the Christmas tree lights

Jackson in his Bumbo, working hard

Jackson in his swing...he was happy so I just wanted to capture it.