Jackson's Newborn Pics

I got my copies of Jackson's Newborn Session pics and can finally send out announcements. A little late and will be quickly followed by Christmas pics but that's ok! :) It was well worth the wait to have these special pics and not just my snapshots.
Jackson is 5 weeks and is starting to look at flashing lights on the travel swing (thanks Wendy) and starting to look around a lot more and focusing on smaller objects. We still have not seen consistent smiles so we are anxiously waiting for those moments. He is doing great at tummy time and really starting to strengthen those neck muscles. I weighed him yesterday and with his clothes on he was 11lbs 2oz! He is quickly growing out of his smallest clothes and every time we go to get him in the morning its crazy how much he's grown. I can't believe how much bigger he is compared to these newborn pictures. It does go fast!! Thank you Kerri Mathis Photography www.kerrimathisphotography.com/blog/

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