4 weeks old!

Our little guy is 4 weeks old!! Can't believe it!!! He is growing like a weed and looks different everyday. He is over 10lbs now and really developing quite the personality. He is quite head strong and doesn't transition slowly from happy to upset. I keep looking for the on/off switch. This kid did not come with a dimmer. He'll be happy and smiling one second and the screaming the next. Wonder who he gets that from??!!
He is also not so sure about the whole sleeping at night thing. Much more fun to stay up and keep mom and dad up. He will only sleep if he is in his swing or being held. He no longer likes just laying on his back in his crib in our room. Hopefully this doesn't last long as I really want a good sleeper. We will start our sleep training at 6 weeks- got he books just hopefully have the nerves to get through it!!

Sweet little guy in his swing (Picture with our new camera!!!)

He is getting big- Now over 10 lbs!!
Getting a little chunky :)

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