Half Smiles

Jackson is starting to show his personality a little more and more everyday. We are getting more and more half smiles and make SUCH a big deal about it when we catch his smiles. The pics below are smiles in his sleep. What I'd pay to know what he was dreaming about...something tells me I already know! :) He is also doing much better at focusing on our faces and gazing at us longer.

Had a couple rough days this week in regards to excessive crying and the need to be held all the time in order to sleep. This is a new thing for him as he used to be quite an independent sleeper. Rob and I got through it and are just taking turns holding him and loving on him so he gets more and more comfortable being put down to sleep. Sometimes this means that Rob and I don't get to see much of each other since we are sleeping in shifts. Looking forward to talking to my husband again soon :) We are going to graduate him to his big boy crib upstairs soon since during the night he is getting closer to 5 hours between feedings.

Can't wait for my new camera to arrive so that I can start taking professional pics of Jackson to document his first year.

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