Mr. Independent

Now that Jackson is walking he can quite the Mr. Independent.  This I love and hate all at the same time. He is becoming such a big boy and we are so proud of him for each and everything new he learns.  On the other hand I think it is at least twice a day Rob and I say to each other in a sad voice, "He's not a little baby anymore!"
We went to the park on Monday with some friends and after 30+minutes of observing and sitting/standing COMPLETELY still (I mean still, like a statue) he starting wandering around. Every time we go somewhere new or to a playdate he just watches everything at the beginning and doesn't play with anyone.  Then he gets up the courage and he is off!  He goes off and plays by himself or with other kids and no need for Mama anymore!
He also walked around the park and on concrete for the first time.  Mama was a nervous wreck since he hadn't really been outside yet as a "walker".  He did great and really had a lot of fun! I think he was awfully proud of himself too!

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