What I have planned for January....

Lots of fun crafting ideas for ME! Yes...ME! How I do love making things for my business and friends indeed, but its time for a little ME time in my sewing room!  Check out some of these awesome tutorials:

Going to redesign my craft room...LONG time coming so I found a little inspiration here:
and here:

Here are some fun ideas when I get around to doing some more cowboy things to Jackson's room OR when he goes into a big boy room later on


Jessie said...

I was going to send you the link to the Ruffles and Stuff blog because I thought you would really like the stuff she has done, but you have already found it! I can't wait to see how your projects turn out!

Ellie Davis said...

Thanks girl. I have found some really cool blogs and can't wait until January when I have time to do some creative projects for ME and Jackson of course. Hope you are well- miss you Jessie!