Short & Sweet

Sorry no pictures...this is short and sweet and have to lay back down (UGH) soon.  Its been a little hectic around our house the past 10 days but thanks to Grammie all is well!

Some updates for everyone on Jackson:
- Now pulling up by himself on anything and everything (making naptime not so great these days)
- Waving on command and enjoys the positive attention he gets when he does
- Loves Cheerios (thanks Grammie!)
- Is growing quite attached to Grammie
- Is babbling like never before.  The kid is ALWAYS talking!!!
- Trying to walk with assistance (CRAZY!!!!!)

Some updates on Mommy:
- now 10 days post surgery
- Able to sit up for small portions of time now
- Can't see ANYTHING out of my right eye for now
- Go back to Dr next Thursday and hopefully will get an idea of when I'll be prescribed a hard contact to wear in that eye until my lens surgery
- Fighting early morning migraines everyday but hoping that will stop soon!
- is VERY blessed to have amazing friends bring me meals and have Grammie here to be Nanny, Nurse and Cheerleader!


Tys said...

Hang in there! Rah-Rah Ellie & Jackson! Miss ya... see ya Tues for some food... don't have a clue what I'm making yet though ;)

ourbabymakesfour said...

Ellie, you are such a strong woman... seriously. I've been praying for you. WTG Jackson! Big boy! The nap stuff will get better, but I know it's annoying.

Liz said...

Thinking of you! I know you will heal and be back in the swing soon. Hang in there and we will see you really soon!