Video Post

Here are some videos of Jackson over the last month.  Waving, babbling, walking behind his train etc. 
He has changed so much in just one month as you can see.  Slowly but surely he is lengthening out and "slimming". 
Videos to come: Jackson STANDING all by himself...he wouldn't cooperate tonight with the video camera but he is standing REALLY well all of a sudden.  He also took ONE step tonight...what?! seriously?! how is my baby getting so big!

here is Jackson at 8.5 months..just learning to wave.

Here is Jackson taking a morning stroll at 9 months:

Another 9 month walking with train:

 Silly boy @ 9 months

Better walking with train now @ 9.5 months:


ourbabymakesfour said...

what a sweetie! so cute. he'll be walking in a month!

Sarah said...

Ellie, have you bought any of those plastic books that he can use in the bathtub?! Might be a big hit! ... He's adorable :)

Ellie Davis said...

oh i don't know if i've seen those books or know what you're talking about Sarah...do share!