Books, Books and More Books

Looks like Jackson is following in the footsteps of his parents.  Rob and I really enjoy reading and are finding that passion again.  With a new baby and adjusting to that we kind of got out of the reading routine at night.  Anyways, Jackson REALLY loves reading time and has a few favorite books already.  It is so great to see him learning and enjoying that time with us.  I really need to try to read more to him but the kid just doesn't sit still!!!  Bedtime is the only time we get to these days and I'm hoping it becomes much more regular around here.  Here are some pics of bedtime routine the other night.  Got some good shots of Jackson.
maybe one of my all time favorites of him!

our handsome little man

picking out a book.  See the awesome bookcase his Uncle Brian built him!

reading by himself first

then with Daddy

enjoying one of his fav. books "Daddy & Me"

we have a similar pic of Rob putting Jackson to bed...when he was a lil' baby

caged animal

having a little snack before bed. Thank goodness for the crib rail guard!

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Amanda said...

I love the pictures! Caiden has that exact same star fish for the bath! He loves it! I need to get a crib guard because I have been noticing teeth marks on the wood.