Jackson is 11 Months Old...

This is a little delayed..but better late than never! Our big boy is 11 MONTHS old!!

At 11 Months, Jackson you:
-Weigh 25lbs
-Wear 18 month clothes (and some 24 month!!!)
-Enjoying making a "fish face"
-LOVE waving hi and bye at anyone AND anything!!
-Standing on his own but not really too interested in walking still.
-Are drinking all your milk out of a sippy cup now.  NO MORE BOTTLES!!!
-When you hear the house phone ring you say "Dada" cause its his work phone.  You also go to his office door and bang on it and yell his name!
-Saying: Mama, Dada, Dog (Dug), Go, No, Ni Ni (Night Night), Ello (Hello)
-Signing: More, Milk, Drink, Tree
-Like to turn off the lights and close the garage door as we walk by.
-Hold your hand up to you ear when we say "Hello"
-Have 4 teeth
-Laugh anytime you hear us laughing
-have a BIG BOY haircut!! 

Jackson, you make every day so very special. We love having you as our son and you make Mommy & Daddy so very happy every moment of every day.  In just a few weeks you will ONE! Not sure how it all flew by so quickly, but thank goodness I have 1 MILLION pictures of you...ok maybe not 1 MILLION, only 999,999 pictures :)


ourbabymakesfour said...

What a sweetie. 1 more month and he will be 1! Where has the year gone???

Ellie Davis said...

i know Jen! Just yesterday you and I were preggers! Hope you guys are well!