Fun time with new buddy!

Jackson had a good time yesterday with one of his new friends.  Holden & Liz came over for just a bit in between naps to have a little playtime.  Jackson REALLY enjoyed watching Holden try out the exersaucer and jumper.  He also enjoyed being loved on by Liz.  He was QUITE the cuddler with her (sadly doesn't really do that with me..he sees me everyday!).  I'm a big fan of Mr. Holden and its so much fun seeing the cool new things he does.  Since they are 2.5 months apart I can see all the things to look forward to.

Then Mama had a nice night with the Hip Moms :)  Nice night of chatting and such.  It was a real nice break and treat after pareting alone all week.  I have met some really awesome ladies here and Houston is really starting to feel like "home".  I feel like we now have a good network of friends and wonderful people to help watch over Jackson as he grows.  Wish our real family was closer, but all my friends here are truly a 2nd family to us!

Holden enjoying Jackson's new toy

Jackson watching Liz

Having FUN with Liz

Holden LOVED the mat

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Liz said...

We had an amazing time, Ellie! I love Jackson so much and can't wait to cuddle with him again. Thanks again for having us!