Organization and Babbling

Thanks to a good friend (thanks Tyson) we found an organization system for Jackson's toys in our new "playroom".  I searched and searched and could not find one that I liked as much as much as I liked this system and worked the way I wanted.  I didn't think Jackson had that many toys but when I started to consolidate everything into one space it was amazing how much more he had than I ever thought!!! All those gifts I got at my shower and afterwards all added up and started to spill over into every room of the house.  It was bothering me that in every room we had a few random toys but had no designated play space for Jackson. 

We are preparing in advance for when Jackson starts to move around more and we want to confine him to a designated area...and I know as he starts to move around more he'll be getting many more gifts from moi!  So here are some pics of the room thus far.  We have to get 1 more tower of the bins and sell our end table/coffee table that we have (let me know if you're interested...will sell for cheap$$!)...oh and another loveseat we have in our office from Ikea (will need a slipcover- http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00157538 - because it used to have a red slipcover on it and it has a slight tint from that). Can we say "Spring Cleaning"?  I'll put the pics on the bottom of this post in case someone wants.

What else is new?
Jackson is babbling up a storm.  New sounds everyday and he says mamamama  ALOT now.  So cute and he said Dadada only one time clearly...so Rob has been trying to get that sound out of Jack again.  Each day he is making a couple new sounds and Rob and I are having a blast listening.  I often find myself laughing outloud at his little antics. Who needs cable when you have Jackson?!

loveseat for sale
end table for sale
Coffee table for Sale

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ourbabymakesfour said...

looks awesome. you've inspired me...

put the tables on craigslist or kwysales.. they'll go quick!