Jackson is 6 Months Old

Needless to say we are going to have another photo session this weekend to capture a 6 month picture that will go with the others...but this was our 1st attempt...his 6 month portrait will just have to be taken a little late.  The one below will work..but Mommy Perfectionist wants to get a better one (need to see the smile!)

At 6 Months Old Jackson:

- You weigh 19 lbs, 12 oz (90th percentile), measure 28.5" (95th percentile)
- Like being on the move. You are scooting/rolling your way to things and lunging at ANYTHING in your eyesight
-Toss, turn and even crawl in your sleep (we spy on you!)
-Wearing 12 mo. clothes
- Sleeping from 6:30pm until about 7:30am (did we mention that you're perfect?!)
- Love your exersaucer and jumper (when you are most talkative), love your teething toys even more!
- Really understanding cause and effect with your musical/light up toys. Once you figure it out you're fascinated over and over and over again!  We love watching you learn!
- Love the laptop, cell phone and the remote controls...you are determined to get them
- Wearing Size 3 Diapers during day and Size 4 at night
- Love when we put you on our lap to stand
- LOVE the Shake Your Booty Dance
- Still VERY ticklish on your sides/ribcage
- Babbling now and trying to mimic some sounds
- Saying, "MMMMbbba"  "Mmammammamma" and very high and loud squeals
 -Still enjoying babyfood but messier now as you are trying to mimic the way we eat by chomping your lips together (but you still have no teeth)
- Still a great napper
- Likes sitting up and playing with toys for a while
- LOVE being outside
- Are learning how to let us know when you DO NOT want to do something.  Your little personality and little manipulations are emerging buddy!

 You're on your way buddy!

way more interested in the sign and giraffe than the camera

What Mommy?! I want to PLAY!

"Loving" on his giraffe

Playtime Pictures:

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ourbabymakesfour said...

wow, 6 months already... ridiculous. And Jackson, you're so cute :)