Dear Jackson aka Jack Attack aka Monkey,

Mommy & Daddy love you very much and we can't believe you are almost 6 months old!!!!  Sometimes Mommy wishes you were still in her tummy so she didn't have to share you with the world, but then there wouldn't be as many happy people in this world.  You have touched so many lives and you aren't even 1 years old!! That's how special you are to me and MANY others.  You are one of the best babies EVER and have been a true blessing to your Mommy & Daddy.  Mommy runs up the stairs in the morning to come see you.  Who wouldn't?  You aren't crying or fussing at all so it makes for a wonderful morning moment.  If we could put the cuteness you have first thing in the morning in a jar and sell it I'd be a millionaire. 

In the morning in your crib you grab your toes and have long conversations with yourself.  We aren't quite sure what you're saying, but we know its very important so know we're listening!  "Mmmmbba, mmmmbba, mmmba"- those could be the words that someday turn into a cure for cancer, so keep on talking my little one.

You are a silly boy and your favorite moments of the day seem to be when you are getting your diaper changed.  (Thanks for making the title of our blog a more positive thing, than negative).  When Mommy & Daddy change your diapers you squeal with excitement, smile, coo, mmmmbba and even laugh when we wipe your bottom.  We often spend extra moments just hanging out on after the diaper change to have some heart to hearts and ticklefests. 

Playtime is getting really fun now.  You like to sit up and "lunge" after your toys and are determined to prove that nothing is out of your reach.  You absolutely adore your puppy Holly and she loves you.  You perk up the second she comes into your sight and you enjoy when she licks your fingers and toes.  You grab her nose a lot and she's ok with that...for now.  Just be gentle and she'll be your BESTEST friend!

You LOVE to laugh and love to be tickled and love to dance.  You think everything Daddy does is funny, you like to do your "Shake shake shake dance" which will always make you laugh.  You enjoy being tickled..alot...and can have laugh attacks that go on and on and on (then Mommy & Daddy have laugh attacks).

In 5 more days you have your "1/2" birthday and Mommy & Daddy could not be happier. You are perfect in every way and I hope that you know that for the rest of your life.  We will always support you and help you grow to your full potential.  We pray you never doubt our love for you and that you always remember to laugh and love!

Can't wait for all the new things you'll do in the next 6 months..what an adventure and lots of laughs we're going to have together!!!! 

Mommy & Daddy
x's and o's


Kate said...

Dear Emy,

You are my 3rd child and Mommy is just too tired and lazy to do an entire post for you. Hopefully she will remember to tell you she once commented on your MIL's blog in honor of you. My hope for you is that you and Jackson not compare your mothers' blogs with each other. Love you much.

Your mother

Ellie Davis said...

hahaha. MIL, love it.
I'll do a post for Emy, once she SMILES at me :) Maybe if I bribe her it'll happen sooner.

miss ya Kate

ourbabymakesfour said...

lmao kate! tres cute ellie, he will love reading that one day.