Go SEMINOLES! Jackson's very first FSU football game.
Daddy was very very excited about this event and couldn't wait to put Jackson in his onesie (a little too big) and pacifier.
This is a tradition in the making and I can't wait to see my boys having time together cheering on FSU. Next best thing is to take Jackson to Tallahassee for a game and teach him the Tomahawk Chop. He already has the "touchdown" move mastered (just ask Grampie).

We played UNC @ 7PM CST on ESPN and the final score was FSU 30 UNC 27. While we won, it wasn't a pretty game. Jackson did not seem to mind. Well, can't really say he watched the game as he was just too busy looking at the back of his eyelids. He caught a glimpse of the 3rd quarter in between feeding and diaper change. Maybe next time!

Mommy with Jackson sporting his FSU gear

Proud Daddy with the cutest little Nole you ever did see!

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