Jackson's Arrival

Jackson Wayne Davis joined our family on Tuesday, October 13th at 9:14am. He weighed 8 lbs 14 oz and measured 21.5" long. He is a very long and lean little man who has a great personality. He is a great sleeper, pretty easy going (given he has a clean diaper) and becoming a better eater now that we are bottle feeding the breastmilk.
We are adjusting to parenthood and figuring it out as we go. Luckily my parents were here for 9 days and very much showed us the ropes. It was great to have extra hands for holding Jackson and they even took care of some dirty diapers! Jackson had his first bath, first walk around the block in the stroller, and first time to Target. He did great!!
Time is already flying by so I am taking lots of pictures every day as I don't want to miss a thing. Everytime I go to get him up from a nap he looks bigger to me!!

My goal is to keep this pretty well updated from now on so people can see what me, Rob & Jackson are up to!

New Daddy Rob holding Jackson for the first time

New Mommy lovin' my new little man

Happy family! Our lives will never be the same!

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